Our abilities are proven out by our Customers and Principals satisfaction. Although we are not perfect, we strive to, in everything we do, put our Customers and Principals first!

Where we shine are our…

Customer design-in practices:

Our Sales Engineers bridge the gap between all of the support infrastructure of our Principals and the key design and decision makes at our Customers. Our custom program management CRM system provides interactive information for everyone involved. Our Sales Engineers focus on managing the design-in process, while our operations staff manages cradle-to-grave ownership of the program. We are all about Customer and Principal satisfaction.


Operations ownership of Customers and Principals programs:

Our Operations team manage the day-to-day logistics and communications for all programs. We understand that our Customers need us to insure proper design-in, supply-chain management and EOL (end-of-life) cycles, we do this. Our Principals know we provide them with complete design-win expertise, product expertise and customer expertise insuring great relationships and success with our collective customers.


Engineering and product expertise:

Our entire staff focuses on working with our customers to design-in the worlds highest performance semiconductors. This requires us to intimately know our Principals, their products and their technology. Our Principals are fabulous in that they constantly update us on their latest technologies, train us regularly and provide extensive customer support teams. Our goal is to always be our customers trusted advisor and in many situations our customers trusted partner!


Teamwork and coordination practices with Customers and Principals:

Our entire team is intimately connected through both the industries best communication technologies and our own proprietary collaboration technologies. We truly take a leadership role in managing both our Customer and Principals programs. Our goal is a seamless approach between our Customers and Principals where they both see Customer 1st as part of their team, moving everyone forward with their best interests. This is truly a balancing act, but simpler than you might think. When the core value is integrity, everything else just falls into place.


Coverage model providing total support for our Customers and Principals:

Covering the better part of 9 states, our team is spread among three territories with our headquarters in Bloomington Minnesota, just a stones throw from the MSP airport. For visiting Principals our headquarters convenience is a godsend for their busy schedules.

For customers, this provides maximum exposure to the support experts – our Principals. Our Sales Engineers provide all the program management expertise, ensuring the right collaboration process is engaged. Customer 1st prides ourselves on the highest level of satisfaction between out Customers and Principals.

Please E-mail us at Support@Customer1st.com with any of your questions or needs.

We look forward to hearing from you!